luni, 3 decembrie 2007

Romanians fret more TV news in November then in October

The news televisions had more viewers last month then in October, according with the audience figures published by TNS-AGB International, quoted by NewsIN.
The biggest increase had been recorded by Vantu’s station, Realitatea TV, which had been watched, at a national scale, by an average of 132.000 viewers and had a market level of 3,6%, comparing with 109.000 viewers in October when the market level was 3,5%. The second most view news channel from Romania in November was Antena 3, which had an national average audience of 67.000 viewers (58.000 in October) and registered a market level of 1,9 % (1,9 in October). On the third place of the same classification was N24, which had been watched by am average of 33.000 viewers (27.000 in October) at national level and had a market level of 0,9 % (0,9 in October).
The TNS-AGB International data were released by the Romanian Authority for Audience Measuring (ARMA), which consists of the main television stations, advertising clients and advertising and media agencies from Romania. ARMA’s purpose is releasing of impartial, accurate and objective information about mass-media audience.

TNS-AGB International is the research company which is measuring the audience if the television programs from Romania.
Thanks to Adriana "Avalansa" for translation.

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