duminică, 3 februarie 2008

How MTV Romania gains 700 – 1500 euro for a film-making in a club

Well-informed MTV Romania inside sources say that for some broadcasts the publicity is not really made on invoices. O. Zara is an example. O. Zara goes to club x, where he „makes peace” with the owner for 700-1500 euro. The amount in negotiated, for club to club. The dude already got a „name”. The club owners know how it’s done. They have a low cost and the black money goes around faster then the devil’s eyes. O. Zara does not take all the money. The station manager takes a part of the money; the cameraman takes 1,5-2 million lei. Even with this, the „show host” remains with 200-300 euro. It’s not bad, isn’t it? This is for only one show. O. Zara took the cash, and the MTV took... the fine, because the guys from the CNA (Romanian National Council for Radio and TV Broadcast) realize there is was „screen publicity” and give MTV Romania a fine. Now, MTV is part of Media Pro, and there are signs that things are going to change and that publicity will be „clean”. We shall see! There is a rumor that Costi Ioniţă is looking for O. Zara to take him to Party TV for the same „operations skills”. If things will change at MTV, O. Zara probably won’t say no.
PS: Thanx to "Avalansa" for translation

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